From the series -Tiko Drink, Kumba Drunk.

Copyright: Chantal & Zacharie.

It’s my love’s birthday today, this bright sunny day it is

I called his mother who told me he was born strong

Ready from birth to kick ass and mend hearts

His first cry was a groan and his…

“My Dream” — Chantal Edie 2021 AtWork Digital Masterclass Conducted by #SimonNjami #Moleskinefoundation

What is happening to Mother Earth? I see people marking themselves safe from floods in different places at the same time? Are you tired of carrying us Mother? You need our help, that is it, isn’t it? If Home is where the heart is, shouldn’t we be cautious the way…

Dear Motherland,

I use to be in love with you so much like a daughter would be to a doting mother.

Today, I only think of you in the past cos the present has blindfolded my hearts eyes

What are you in truth mother or father dear motherland, what do…

My Totem copy right Chantal Edie & Zacharie Ngnogue

I Ntube, i stand up today like
the warriors of the past battles
those who fought and in all dignity
were slaughtered but not silenced
those whose dreams transcended
generations upon generations. …

Zacha- Chantal and Zacharie

Like a nightingale
I wish I could string my voice to belt you a soothing song
One that will resonate east, west, north and south
It’s Vibrations sprouting flowers
From without, sweet smelling to caress mother earth and her animals.

Oh, how I wish my voice had powers of healing…

Chantal Edie 2011

How do you write resolutions with a broken heart
Can you bump into opportunities with a patched heart
What does a new year signify when there is total darkness
Is it possible to see another’s hurt when your
eyes are streaming tears?

My wish is for life to complicate less…

(Meet the sickle cell Goddess.)

It may be her illness but it’s not her. Nora Molongwe whom I affectionately coined as brown babes, not only because of her rich brown melanin skin but because of her capacity to make things glow around her . If you meet Nora one day, you will think resilience is…

(An Afro Feminist perception)

Vilnius high street.

So what now? My heart was dancing but my head was aching. Yes, my paper has been selected for the international conference on the legacy of Simon de Beauvoir and post-feminist condition in the 21st century. Yass! And yes…So what now? The rules were clear from day one when I…

Takembeng 2017 copyright ZACha- Zacharie&Chantal

These images do not need a narrative, they speak for themselves. If you have been following what’s been happening in the world for a long time now, then you will understand that the question here is about female activism, Police violence, the spread of information and the rise of unpatriotic…

Today 16th of October, Emilia is 3 years old.

Could it be you Baby making all this wonders happen? Could it be you telling the wise ageless woman with hair the colour of cassava about me and my dreams? Is that why you were in a rush to go, so you could start fixing things for mamma, is it…

Chantal Edie

Photographer and artistic director/Poet/At-worker/Storyteller

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