Fake Feminism(actions speaks louder)

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I woke up today early 4:35am like every other day these last days. No, not because I set my alarm for that time but simply because I am restless. The past few weeks have been busy and beautiful at the same time. I never thought I could put these two words together close to each other in a sentence. With my past experience as an operations manager for a maritime company and then artistic director for a photography company busy spelled unrest.
I have been on my bed thinking for about 30mins before deciding to scribble down this feeling that caused me insomnia. Ha ah, ones got to give it a name: The first-word, Fake+Feminism! Plus it rhymed so well with what my brain was ranting about, preventing me from «sleeping slumber. » Those of you who grew up with uncles and aunties in the Anglophone regions would remember Gregory (he spoke English like that).
My beautiful week, past weeks actually was busy. My dream, actually our plans, me and my partner Zacharie, who happens to spend all 24hours in a day with me. Incredible right?! I call him my yang and I, his Ying. We are fine like that, not too dependable or maybe we are. Depends on how you look at it. Every year we come up with our new year’s resolution in a list form setting our objectives and action plans with deadlines. It helps to bring us back on track in case we derail.
First on our list was arts exposition. Yes, I was ready, he was ready=we are ready. Our submissions to some open calls was a success and pro and post our participation we received a lot of media, especially international attention. Yes, we made it baby!
But hold on I thought to myself, I know some blogger friends. A French media on their agenda cultural had taken interest in our work and she did a podcast on my work and Zachs’ work to be part of an exhibition in Gorée. As chuffed as a bumble bee which had just discovered nectar, I sent it to her and said, please listen to the end. Fact is my partner’s name was not well articulated but girl, this journalist fired on my name as if she has known me all her life. #Chantal Edie. I received a mental slap when the young friend blogger sent me this reply.

“Aww, heard Zach’s work!” I stopped breathing for a second — -or two…

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Days ago on twitter, I saw that one of our common friends had mentioned in her tweets to another friend of hers about our participation at the art festival in Gorée, Senegal. It didn’t strike right away, So I retweeted but on second thoughts after reading her description of me in her tweet, I was unbalanced. This particular Twitter is a self-proclaimed feminist who knew both of us well, at least professionally. So it was a wonder for me to see her refer to me as Zach’s campaign when she knew my name and knew for a fact that I am present on Twitter. Why the hell did she refuse at that moment to put on her feminist lens? I have been thinking long and hard after these two incidents on what is the true meaning of feminism and if this thing is not overrated. okay! i know, i am getting all emotional and senseless perhaps.

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If Feminism is a movement for social, political, economic, and cultural equality between men and women; campaigns against gender inequalities. Why are women who advocate feminism, try willfully or not, to tune down other women making strides in their craft. What makes society to conclude that in a man and woman collaboration, the man inevitably takes all the credit. We need to have these conversations in order to change the narrative about gender equality. Women need to change the way they perceive other women’s work. Are we encouraging each other the way we should?

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Recently I was contacted by a dear friend who wanted a conceptual photograph for her book cover. She and Zach have been friends even before I met Zach but she was adamant and clear she wanted to do her collaboration with me and not Zach. her reason was clear, she looked at life from a feminist perspective and had decided that she will play her part in promoting women’s work by collaborating with women whenever possible. She is prone to balance the gender gap that exists in the art world and this is seen in everything she does, her stand-up comedy shows, her daily reflections on social media. She is a slaying feminist in the like of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie ( when google auto corrects your native name, then you’ve made it.

Book cover- Photographed by me.

What is your experience on fake feminism? Share with us, please!

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